Sunday, October 21, 2012

Feeding Time!

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I own a doll. It is a blue bear. I call him Blu. Do you like it too?
I have 3 more bears. I call one of them Lambert, another one Charlie, and the last Big Bear.
I drew a picture on Paint. But... the picture has only Blu and Charlie going on a hike. Oh well. Hahaha, :-)
All of them like to eat fish, honey, blueberries, bread, honey cake, blueberry ice-cream, and chicken meat, except  Big Bear, who likes fresh cranberries and fish ice-cream...yuck!
Anyway,they are fed in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night of course. Which of them didn't? They like   mangoes a lot, so for nighttime dessert, ya, it is always mango pudding. And this is the result of the picture of 'em hiking on burnt rocks:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blu Berry

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Eastern Bluebird
photo by wikipedia

Billy was a bluebird who lived with his mother on a nest in an old oak tree. The oak tree stood in the forest edge. One day, in the after on a blustery day, Billy came back from searching for the insects. He was so surprised of the sight, as a pale blue round pulled a little bit circle, sat on their nest. Billy thought that it was an egg. 
"Mummy, is that an egg?" he asked.
"Yes" She replied
"and that means you will get a baby brother or sister" She added.
What shall we named it was the next question. If it was a boy..., if it was a girl...
"Berry!" Billy shouted.
If it was a girl, Berry was her name. If it was a boy...
Mum had an idea.
"Blu!" Mum shouted.
Billy already had Blackies, his big sister, that he sometimes called her Blackbird. And now he will have a new baby. Billy was so excited.
Soon after naming was done, Mum saw the egg was hatching. Out came 2 very wet bluebirds. Billy had twins! Later, Billy went to see Mum. He was very happy to see the baby bluebirds. Blu and Berry.

Help support wildlife!

To learn more about bluebirds, please see:
wikipediaall about birdsfauna scope and many more sites.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Celebrating Lebaran in Pekalongan

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It was Saturday, the first day of my school lebaran holiday. I, my brother Iban, and my sister, Erin were so excited when we heard the news that om Wiman, my uncle, is coming to Semarang with my cousin, Rafi, on Sunday. Iban was so excited; he wanted to join om Wiman all the way back to Pekalongan! I thought it was not such a good idea. So, only Iban went with om Wiman.
Soon, about 2 days later, om Wiman, again, came. This time, Erin and I decided to go with him to Pekalongan. We were so exited. After finding clothes and buka puasa at Pizza Hut, we bought donuts, said bye-bye to Ayah, and prepared to go. That night, Erin said, “I miss Ayah”.  When we’re getting further from Semarang, I felt thirsty. “Om Wiman... I am thirsty”, I moaned. 2 minutes later, we spotted Indomaret. We bought a bottle of cool, refreshing water.
Later we saw a house, which om Wiman triumphfully stopped in front, which made me fall out of my chair, since I did not buckle up. In came another man, which looked even more cheerful and sounded funnier than om Wiman. He was om wiman’s friend. Hours later, we, again, stopped at Indomaret. om Wiman stopped harder. That time it happened, I spun round and found myself lying on the car’s floor. Om Wiman’s friend came out of the car to buy coffee. Om Wiman let me block his friend’s chair so his friend could not sit. After a while we thought... How if we leave his friend alone, so we could see how he reacts. He just waved. Hahahahahahahahaha. “Hey, why don’t we buy ice cream”, Om Wiman said. So, we did. We bought magnum gold, magnum classic and a cup of strawberry and vanilla. We had a competition. om Wiman’s friend was first, since he did not get ice cream. Then om Wiman, me and Erin.
Longer, we arrived at eyang’s house. Eyang is my late grandma from my mom. Om wiman, tante Ria, Rafi and his family lived there. Found you! I managed to find Rafi and Iban there.
The next day, at sahur, I awoke when tante Ria, my auntie, wobbled me back and forth, pat my back, and tickled me. I hung like a wilted plant as I walked to the table. Hungrily, I scooped a spoonful of bright green vegies and white broth. I chewed and chomped it until empty. I repeated each spoonful. Soon, I felt like my eyes were heavy and my tummy started getting bigger and bigger. It was a sign that I was full.
In the morning, I played with Iban, Erin, Rafi and also Najmi, Rafi’s brother. We played plants vs. zombies’ game. After mama, ayah, and Alaina, my littlest sister, arrived in the afternoon, we went to Anti’s house. We slept over there. Anti is my grandma from my ayah. We did not visit Rafi so often after that because Rafi was at his grandpa’s house as well. I played with my other cousins, Rara and Novan instead.

On Lebaran eve, just before I went to brush my teeth and sleep, I heard a sound. It was like, bok, bok, bok. We rushed out of the back door to see. It was fireworks. We rushed up to the rooftops for an even better view. Cool. Later, just before I fell asleep, a lampion parade marched right in front of the house. We rushed out the front door to see. We saw lanterns; lots of children brought various shapes of them. We once saw a giant camel. It was amazing. I fell asleep seconds later.
It was Sunday, the lebaran day! I woke up early to sholat Id. I took a bath, put on a new, polka dotty dress, scooped up my sajadah, and put on my mukena. I went to the mosque with Anti and Erin. After solat Id, I ate lontong opor. Then, we visited lots of people. They were my grandpa’s sister and brother. It was so boring. After that we had a family gathering with my Anti’s sister and brother. Then, again we went around. It was even more boring. It was a busy day, I was so exhausted. After I took a bath in the evening and put on my clothes, I fell asleep until the next morning. It was 14 hours!
On Monday I went to another family gathering. Then, we went to more houses. It was super boring. On Tuesday, to another 2 family gatherings we went. It was extra boring. On Wednesday, we again visit another houses. That’s the last of them.
On Thursday, we were free! I was so happy. I went to Meduri Park with my big families. I played ATV, mini boat, flying fox, and more. It was so much fun. Then, on Friday, I went back to Semarang. Home sweet home.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


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Ramadhan, the holy month is just starting. I know I am not supposed to eat or drink until maghrib. And perfect for ramadhan breaking. 

As well as......this.


Alright, I suggest they are all good and... oops, I forgot to add 1 of my favorites. Ahh, here it is... bubur mutiara:

Actually, I don't even know why it is a little bit fresh and unsweet. For more information, please visit my mom:s blog. Now, Ramadhan is that we don't eat or drink until maghrib, did I mention that already:)?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time to sleep

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At 08:00 in the night, I sleep, its a way to keep healthy. If no one sleeps, we all will fall asleep in the day. My mom, says I must wake up at 04:30 when my father is out of town. I don't forget to do as my mother says.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Healthy days

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3 ways to keep health in our bodies...

  1. Eat fruit in the morning. Until LUNCH, if you are hungry, you can ONLY eat fruit. It is a way to keep vitamins more.
  2. Exercise every morning. That means do active things including star jumps, push-ups, and sit-ups.
  3. Brush your teeth. It mean clean your teeth 2 times a day. You know the things hanging on your top lip and sticking out at the bottom lip? Yes, it is teeth. Some people add 1 more time to brush their teeth.
Note: Remember what your body is for! It is for holding stuff, walking and holding food, not for chewing your fingers or twisting you fingers in your hair. People in the north pole wear jackets to protect their bodies. They know it is not for putting in ovens or freezers either.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy birthday Alaina

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Happy birthday!
Hope your 1st birthday makes you happy
Hope :
You are always happy
Become a child that is sholehah
You are a good girl
You worship to Allah
You live long
You learn a lot

Wrote with much love from Rachel oooxxx

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Grape grower

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A skinny man named Edward Jones was a grape cafe keeper. People come from miles around or come again and again and again to eat his grapes because he was the best grape grower there was. One day the king of Spain asked him,
" Edward, may I have a grape cake please?"
"Of course", Edward said. 
In an hour, the cake was done. It was a nice smelling cake that has grape jam,grape cream and grape sprinkles. No fruit but grape. The best tasting, of course. 
Minnie, his daughter, wanted to use some strawberries, but when she asked Edward if they could use some strawberries, he said,
"This is a grape cafe, not a strawberry cafe."

Minnie's mother worked at a stall too. A stall that sold tea and biscuits. Biscuits of all sorts of flavors. Minnie helps over there too. She does biscuits,while her mother gets tea ready. It takes 10 minutes alone, but only 5 minutes together with mommy's other assistants, Poly and Wendy. They wanted another assistant, so they put up a poster saying they want another helper. 1 week with father,the next week with mom. 


Back at the grape cafe, daddy needed a helper too,so they did the same with mom, putting up a poster saying they need a helper and putting that beside mom's poster on the poster pole. A lady named Lulu Lebert joined mom. A man named Michael Mostel, a woman named Poppy Parlos and a man named Carlos Combat joined dad. So Minnie gets to see more people at work. Eventually, Minnie had a day off from work on Saturday and Sunday. Both stalls are closed on Sunday, so they all are together on Sunday. Costello, Minnie's little brother, also did both part time jobs, so they had a lot of a helping hands. Poppy was told to help grow the grapes. Poppy can't grow grapes really, but can grow blueberries and other berries. Now Minnie is getting impatient to get with mom. She was keen to use strawberries and lemons. Mom is going to start selling lemonade on hot days too. Grape, grape, grape and grape is all dad was using. He can cook and bake cakes, but he only used grapes. He is not keen to use fruits other than grape.
There are only grape trees in Edward's garden. Anyway, one day Minnie brought dad to mom's stall for lunch. Dad ordered grape muffins, grape ice-cream and grape smoothie with grape syrup. Mom and Minnie, plus Poly, Wendy, Lulu and Costello made a plan. Minnie will bring Dad to Mom's 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Animal assembly: Parrot pingo

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I already know I already talked to you about parrots and other birds, but I can't help it. I just like the colour, that is all. Yes, it works for nearly everyone. Colours of the rainbow appear on feathers of birds except crow and blackbird. Sometimes blackbird has colour. I like the colour blue because it is the colour of most things. What is your favorite colour? Please write that on the comment column.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Question day

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The queen butterfly sat on a leaf. The king bee sat on a flower. Princess dragonfly asked them,
"Why do you sat there like that?" She asked in a pure voice.
"We are waiting for prince caterpillar and he is late!" they answered.
"Where is he? Pricetilaisia is waiting for him too". Princess dragonfly told them.
"What is he doing?" asked a bird, who flew down and hungrily licking his lips.
"Run all bugs, by order of the king! Shouted the king bee.
"How? Birds are all around us!" Cried the queen butterfly.
"Fly!" Said princess dragonfly.
So they did. Then, suddenly,
"Who is that?" Said a voice.
"I'M WAITING FOR A SNACK!" The voice added.
It turned out the one who made the voice was prince caterpillar.
"Pricetilaisia found me first". Said the caterpillar.

Monday, April 23, 2012

What's with the cake?

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Some weeks ago my mom baked a chocolate cake for my auntie. It was beautifully topped with a lot of almonds slices. When I saw that cake...

... I could not stand out because I really liked the nuts. I greedily ate the nuts, digging it with a spoon, looking for more nuts. Then, Erin, my little sister joined me... When I left the cake on the table, Erin continued eating the nuts until all of them have gone... Oh my, poor my auntie ...

Animal assembly: What I saw at Bali

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I went to a zoo in Bali one day. Can you guess what I saw?
(Look beside to see what I saw...)

Beautiful,huh ... looks kinda like the crazy rainbow. Hehehe...
A lot of people keep these as pets. I think they like outside better than being stuck in the cage. I really hope we can see them fly freely in the air...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blue Bus Band

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Once I was playing the pianica, and trying to play with the dolls at the same time. I felt like I could play band. So I used the pillows and bolsters and blankets to make musical instruments. Suddenly,I realized that I needed to make a crowd. Gathering the rest of the dolls, I put them facing the stage while leaving teddy bears on stage. We were also playing talent show. We won! Here is the prize.

Our favourite WAFFLES !

Red Spinach

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My mother bought this veg at the supermarket one day. She experimented with it by cooking it for breakfast. I was waiting for my veg at breakfast when ... she poured the kuah on my rice and turned the rice PINK!

It's kinda funny to eat pink rice ... tastes like cake.
Also, I noticed that it looked like strawberry ice-cream ... Hehehe... just kidding.

Whatever it tastes, I always remember what my mom told me : eat your rainbow! It means that we have to eat all colour of veggies and fruits. They are all good for us.

That's why, I gobbled up my pink rice.

Monday, April 16, 2012


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Today I moved from a corner in my mom's blog to my own blog.
Feel new. Feel free. Feel happy. Feel exited.


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