Sunday, October 21, 2012

Feeding Time!

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I own a doll. It is a blue bear. I call him Blu. Do you like it too?
I have 3 more bears. I call one of them Lambert, another one Charlie, and the last Big Bear.
I drew a picture on Paint. But... the picture has only Blu and Charlie going on a hike. Oh well. Hahaha, :-)
All of them like to eat fish, honey, blueberries, bread, honey cake, blueberry ice-cream, and chicken meat, except  Big Bear, who likes fresh cranberries and fish ice-cream...yuck!
Anyway,they are fed in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night of course. Which of them didn't? They like   mangoes a lot, so for nighttime dessert, ya, it is always mango pudding. And this is the result of the picture of 'em hiking on burnt rocks:


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