Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blu Berry

Eastern Bluebird
photo by wikipedia

Billy was a bluebird who lived with his mother on a nest in an old oak tree. The oak tree stood in the forest edge. One day, in the after on a blustery day, Billy came back from searching for the insects. He was so surprised of the sight, as a pale blue round pulled a little bit circle, sat on their nest. Billy thought that it was an egg. 
"Mummy, is that an egg?" he asked.
"Yes" She replied
"and that means you will get a baby brother or sister" She added.
What shall we named it was the next question. If it was a boy..., if it was a girl...
"Berry!" Billy shouted.
If it was a girl, Berry was her name. If it was a boy...
Mum had an idea.
"Blu!" Mum shouted.
Billy already had Blackies, his big sister, that he sometimes called her Blackbird. And now he will have a new baby. Billy was so excited.
Soon after naming was done, Mum saw the egg was hatching. Out came 2 very wet bluebirds. Billy had twins! Later, Billy went to see Mum. He was very happy to see the baby bluebirds. Blu and Berry.

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To learn more about bluebirds, please see:
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