Thursday, April 26, 2012

Question day

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The queen butterfly sat on a leaf. The king bee sat on a flower. Princess dragonfly asked them,
"Why do you sat there like that?" She asked in a pure voice.
"We are waiting for prince caterpillar and he is late!" they answered.
"Where is he? Pricetilaisia is waiting for him too". Princess dragonfly told them.
"What is he doing?" asked a bird, who flew down and hungrily licking his lips.
"Run all bugs, by order of the king! Shouted the king bee.
"How? Birds are all around us!" Cried the queen butterfly.
"Fly!" Said princess dragonfly.
So they did. Then, suddenly,
"Who is that?" Said a voice.
"I'M WAITING FOR A SNACK!" The voice added.
It turned out the one who made the voice was prince caterpillar.
"Pricetilaisia found me first". Said the caterpillar.

Monday, April 23, 2012

What's with the cake?

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Some weeks ago my mom baked a chocolate cake for my auntie. It was beautifully topped with a lot of almonds slices. When I saw that cake...

... I could not stand out because I really liked the nuts. I greedily ate the nuts, digging it with a spoon, looking for more nuts. Then, Erin, my little sister joined me... When I left the cake on the table, Erin continued eating the nuts until all of them have gone... Oh my, poor my auntie ...

Animal assembly: What I saw at Bali

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I went to a zoo in Bali one day. Can you guess what I saw?
(Look beside to see what I saw...)

Beautiful,huh ... looks kinda like the crazy rainbow. Hehehe...
A lot of people keep these as pets. I think they like outside better than being stuck in the cage. I really hope we can see them fly freely in the air...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blue Bus Band

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Once I was playing the pianica, and trying to play with the dolls at the same time. I felt like I could play band. So I used the pillows and bolsters and blankets to make musical instruments. Suddenly,I realized that I needed to make a crowd. Gathering the rest of the dolls, I put them facing the stage while leaving teddy bears on stage. We were also playing talent show. We won! Here is the prize.

Our favourite WAFFLES !

Red Spinach

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My mother bought this veg at the supermarket one day. She experimented with it by cooking it for breakfast. I was waiting for my veg at breakfast when ... she poured the kuah on my rice and turned the rice PINK!

It's kinda funny to eat pink rice ... tastes like cake.
Also, I noticed that it looked like strawberry ice-cream ... Hehehe... just kidding.

Whatever it tastes, I always remember what my mom told me : eat your rainbow! It means that we have to eat all colour of veggies and fruits. They are all good for us.

That's why, I gobbled up my pink rice.

Monday, April 16, 2012


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Today I moved from a corner in my mom's blog to my own blog.
Feel new. Feel free. Feel happy. Feel exited.


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