Sunday, December 20, 2015

Breaking 'Hoax'

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It's been two days, but my friend still is scared that the 'breaking news' she found on Facebook would come true.
They say a big asteroid might crash down to Earth on Christmas night. It said the event would cause earthquakes and volcano eruptions. It even said NASA knew of it. A few articles have began popping up about it, too.
But I don't believe it, right up to the 17th time she asked me that, he he he...'cause asteroids are normally on a special track called the Asteroid Belt, between Mars and Jupiter. From what I could remember, only Neptune goes out of it's orbit...or maybe Pluto does, too...
Asteroids are bigger than meteoroids, but smaller than planets. They're smaller than our moon, too. There, nice little astronomy lesson for you. 
So if one does come, it would create a crater about the size of a mountain boulder...right? I mean, right?
After all, if NASA does track it down, they would have stopped it somehow, like bombing it, or grabbing it with a giant mechanical hand and send it crashing Ceres instead.
And why would Facebook be warned about it first? Wouldn't it go around the TV and radio first.
Do you believe it?

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