Sunday, December 20, 2015

Breaking 'Hoax'

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It's been two days, but my friend still is scared that the 'breaking news' she found on Facebook would come true.
They say a big asteroid might crash down to Earth on Christmas night. It said the event would cause earthquakes and volcano eruptions. It even said NASA knew of it. A few articles have began popping up about it, too.
But I don't believe it, right up to the 17th time she asked me that, he he he...'cause asteroids are normally on a special track called the Asteroid Belt, between Mars and Jupiter. From what I could remember, only Neptune goes out of it's orbit...or maybe Pluto does, too...
Asteroids are bigger than meteoroids, but smaller than planets. They're smaller than our moon, too. There, nice little astronomy lesson for you. 
So if one does come, it would create a crater about the size of a mountain boulder...right? I mean, right?
After all, if NASA does track it down, they would have stopped it somehow, like bombing it, or grabbing it with a giant mechanical hand and send it crashing Ceres instead.
And why would Facebook be warned about it first? Wouldn't it go around the TV and radio first.
Do you believe it?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ultimate Pi Day

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It is Ultimate p Day! Every math geek should be happy of this momentous occasion.
Pi Day is celebrated every March 14 (3.14), matching the first three numbers of p
But Ultimate Pi Day is celebrated every 100 years, when the most numbers in p (3.14159265358979323846264338327950288) correlate with our date and time (9 23' 53"). This is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, except if you're 117-year old Misao Okawa, world's oldest person, because the next Ultimate Pi Day will be in 2115.
Wow, the most numbers in p is really long!
So keep an eye out for 9 26' 53" !

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pangsit Goreng Isi Jagung dan Keju

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Beberapa hari yang lalu saya membantu mama membuat pangsit goreng isi jagung keju untuk bekal sekolah.  Bahan dan cara membuatnya simpel banget, tapi tak kalah enaknya dengan makanan yang lainnya. Bisa dibuat dengan cepat, cocok disaat kita perlu makanan di waktu sempit, seperti ketika tiba-tiba kita kedatangan teman atau pagi hari menjelang berangkat sekolah. Rasa manis jagung dan gurihnya keju dalam kulit pangsit yang renyah langsung membuatnya menjadi bekal favoritku...kalah deh semua jajanan yang ada di kantin sekolah ^ ^

O ya, saya mengikutkan tulisan ini ke NCC pangan lokal Week yang diselenggarakan oleh NCC Indonesia. 

Pangsit Goreng Isi Jagung dan Keju


Kulit pangsit siap pakai
Jagung kupas, pipil dan kukus
Keju cheddar, parut
Minyak untuk menggoreng
Air untuk perekat

Cara Membuat:

Letakkan kulit pangsit di atas piring datar atau talenan.

Tambahkan jagung kukus dan keju parut secukupnya di tengah-tengah kulit pangsit.
Lipat dua membentuk segitiga dan rekatkan dengan air.
Goreng dalam minyak banyak dan api sedang sampai kuning keemasan.
Bisa disajikan dengan saus tomat atau saus sambal.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Big Coco

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  Let’s meet Coco the squirrel. She lives in Mr. McGoo’s Farm with her parents and her sister, Celly. Every single day, they play with their friend Kiki in the leaves of the coconut trees, waiting for a chance to sneak bite a coconut.
One day, they were hunting when they spotted a larger squirrel than them sneaking in the direction of their nest. They followed him. Turns out, it was Big, their neighbor. They only talked to him once because he is pretty quiet. Big likes to nibble on weird stuff like leaves, leather, and string.
Coco’s nest was in the largest coconut tree. The coconuts were big, round, and plump. And Big was nibbling the coconuts on their tree. Coco felt kind of angry, because Big has his own coconuts to eat. They started throwing mulberries from the clumps of mulberry bushes below at Big, shouting “Give that back!” Big threw twigs back. Twice Big actually tried to throw, but it poked him in the ear instead.
It was a long fight. Juice splattered Big’s body; splintered sticks lay on the ground like dropped swords, and the sky was turning indigo signing night time. Coco, desperate to go home and have dinner, threw a big coconut chunk at Big. Big fell off. Coco and Celly climbed up toward their nest, while Kiki had rushed already toward her burrow (Kiki is a ground squirrel). Big scowled.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

You Have to Write

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Yesterday evening, I went to a talk show at Gramedia Pandanaran, Semarang. The talk show was about writing. The speaker was Mrs. Aan Wulandari. She is an author and editor. She already published lots of books and wrote articles in magazines and newspapers. She's also my writing teacher, actually. I once joined her writing course a year ago.

The invitation said that it would start at 16.00. Unluckily, I arrived 45 minutes late, so I didn't listen to the whole presentation. Poor me...:'( But I still got the question-answer session. I was not that loss, then. Many questions rose from the audience, and she answered each of them clearly. Here I share some of them.

Because one of her published books is a comic, someone asked her how to make a comic if we can't draw a good picture. She answered that she didn't draw the pictures herself, but an illustrator did. What she did was made the boxes as what the comic will look like, wrote the story and conversation in the boxes, and gave the full detailed situation for the illustrator to imagine and draw the pictures.

Another one asked how to publish a book. She said that some publishing houses only want our writing sent by post, some others allow posting by e-mail. Each publishing house also has its own style that different from any other house, so we have to adjust our writing style to theirs as well, so that they can accept our writing.

She also shared how to start learning to write. She explained the method she used in her writing course. She first asked her students to read a story (just a short one will do), then they should rewrite it with their own language, characters, plot, and other stuffs. Or they can start with creating a unique interesting character, and then develop a story with it.

Here are tips when you write:
-Keep writing, so you will not like, delay it and stop writing
-Read a lot, you might find an inspiration there and you can also learn how the author make her interesting title, opening, plot, problems, solution, and ending
-A walk to the book store may help too ^_^
-Write with enjoyment
-Try as hard as you can, and
-Be confident

I didn't bring a camera, so I can't show pictures about this talk show. Sorry guys, but I hope Tante Aan will share the photos from her camera and permits me to use it in this entry...

So, you want to be a writer? then, You have to write.
Good luck!

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