Thursday, July 24, 2014

Big Coco

  Let’s meet Coco the squirrel. She lives in Mr. McGoo’s Farm with her parents and her sister, Celly. Every single day, they play with their friend Kiki in the leaves of the coconut trees, waiting for a chance to sneak bite a coconut.
One day, they were hunting when they spotted a larger squirrel than them sneaking in the direction of their nest. They followed him. Turns out, it was Big, their neighbor. They only talked to him once because he is pretty quiet. Big likes to nibble on weird stuff like leaves, leather, and string.
Coco’s nest was in the largest coconut tree. The coconuts were big, round, and plump. And Big was nibbling the coconuts on their tree. Coco felt kind of angry, because Big has his own coconuts to eat. They started throwing mulberries from the clumps of mulberry bushes below at Big, shouting “Give that back!” Big threw twigs back. Twice Big actually tried to throw, but it poked him in the ear instead.
It was a long fight. Juice splattered Big’s body; splintered sticks lay on the ground like dropped swords, and the sky was turning indigo signing night time. Coco, desperate to go home and have dinner, threw a big coconut chunk at Big. Big fell off. Coco and Celly climbed up toward their nest, while Kiki had rushed already toward her burrow (Kiki is a ground squirrel). Big scowled.

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