Monday, December 30, 2013

Breakfast is Cooked!

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Hooray! I managed to cook telur dadar (omelette) and rice, for the very first time, this morning. I've never made one before. All I've tried to do so far was boiled the water, shaped a bread dough, and cracked the eggs. I felt really happy. The result of the eggs was great, but the rice went a bit mushy. I dreaded cracking and flipping the eggs. But it was quite easy when I sliced spring onions. I also liked watching margarine slide around the pan.

By the way, sorry for the delay writing here. First, the computer was broken. Second, my father is too busy, and I can’t use his laptop. Third, the internet was working…BADLY!!! 

I’m now a cook, just like Mother!

For the scrambled egg

What you need:
4 eggs
3 spring onions or scallions
Salt and pepper
Chili, if you want

What you need to do:
  • 1.  Cut the roots off the spring onion.
  • 2.  Peel the dirty bits from the bulb (the white part of the spring onions).
  • 3.   Wash the spring onion under running water.
  • 4.   Slice the spring onion as thinly as you can. If you use chilies, slice those thinly too.  To slice the spring onions (NOT the chilies) easier, cut all the springs in half. Put all the halves together, and start slicing. Thus, you don’t need to slice them one by one!
  • 5. Scoop the spring onion slices (and the chili slices, if you use it) with both your hands into a bowl.
  • 6.  One by one, crack the eggs open in the bowl. This was the bit I was dreading. I cracked it by hitting it lightly onto the edge of the table, and put my thumbs in the crack part of the egg and pull it apart. 
  • 7.   Add some salt and pepper.   Mix it with a fork. 
  • 8.   Pour the oil into a frying pan. I used margarine, I allowed it to slide around.
  • 9.   When the oil bubbles, pour half the egg mixture into the pan. If you want a big and thick telur dadar, pour more than a half or even all of them, but it's hard to flip over!
  • 10.  Wait until the bottom side of the egg is cooked. Flip it so the top side is now cooking. I was dreading this bit too.
  • 11.  When it’s ready, put it in a plate. I removed the pan from the heat and tilted above the plate so I just allow the egg to slide onto the plate.
  • 12.  Repeat step 8 -11 with the rest of the egg mixture.

Phew, I was relieved to get away from the heat! Trust me, it tasted sooo delicious! Because we made it by ourself, it tasted better than ever! Enjoy!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Busy Season

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Chapter I
The Harvest on the Farm

It was April 24th. Annie’s family was the busiest of all. Father had to hunt, so he can’t work. Mother picked vegetables from the garden. Annie collected honey from their beehive. Annie’s little brother and sister, John and Anna, were picking apples, hazelnuts, blueberries and potatoes.
Annie headed to the warehouse. The warehouse was old and rusty and full of boxes and cobwebs. Annie poured the honey in a huge honey jar. Then, she came out to harvest the wheat.
Anna went in the warehouse next. She put the things she harvested in a bag and went out to shear the sheep. John came after that. He put the things he harvested in the same bag and went out to collect eggs.
Father came back from hunt with 3 fresh deer and 1 juicy lion in a sack. He put the sack in the warehouse and went out to the market. Mother was last. She poured the vegetables in a box and went out to harvest the grapes. They made a list of what was inside the warehouse:

  • o   5 warm bread loafs
  • o   5 soft pillows
  • o   5 eggs
  • o   5 grapes
  • o   5 grape juice pots
  • o   5 fresh deer
  • o   5 cheese
  • o   5 milk pots
  • o   5 light bulbs
  • o   5 groceries
  • o   5 warm scarfs
  • o   5 flour bags
  • o   5 wheat stalks

Anna noticed there were 5 of everything. She asked John, Annie, mother and Father if they could work some more. Annie, John and Anna worked together to fill up the warehouse. They made it just in time. The list was like this:

  • o   10 warm bread loafs
  • o   30 soft pillows
  • o   15 eggs
  • o   18 grapes
  • o   6 grape juice pots
  • o   5 fresh deer
  • o   50 cheese
  • o   6 milk pots
  • o   100 light bulbs
  • o   50 groceries
  • o   5 warm scarfs
  • o   15 flour bags
  • o   30 wheat stalks
The next morning was the 1st of June. It was cold. Father went to the attic and grabbed 10 heaters. He turned them on and placed them in the 4 bedrooms, bathroom, living room, warehouse and kitchen, attic and the hall. He turned them on at WARM. He got the whole family to meet in the living room wearing scarfs, a big warm quilt and snugly sweaters. They rested their heads on soft pillows. Annie, John and Anna, although they were big, brought their teddy bears in. It was so lovely.

to be continued ...

Eddie run a farm

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Eddie, Ken, Thomas and John were playing at Eddie’s house. The yard was huge and roomy. So, Eddie started a farm. He planted wheat first. Then, it was processed into flour. He sold it and bought 3 chickens and 1 sheep. He sheared his sheep next. He sewed it and turned it into wool. Then, he turned them into woolly clothes. Polly, his neighbor, would help him every day. The clothes earned enough to buy 1 cow, apple seeds, and juice pots and to build 1 factory. The factory had 4 rooms: Juice, cake, clothes and a shop. They made apple juice, clothes, and bread to sell. They got $49.99. They kept it in the cellar under the stairs. It was enough to make a second floor. They added Meat, Rice, Vegetable Soup

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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It was Saturday, the holiday. I spent 3 days at Jogja. I arrived in the evening (because the journey was a bit too long). When I came out, my uncle and auntie were waiting. It was almost night, so I came in and took a bath. Finished taking the bath, I came out the bathroom, put my clothes on, and slept. 

In the morning, I took a bath, had breakfast, and went out to have fun. We went to Taman Pintar, a kind of place. We bought tickets, and came in a big building. I learnt about the presidents of  Indonesia. Then, we came in a bigger building, the oval building. I learnt more in there. But, I was in there for AGES! When we came out, we played some learning games. My favorite was Pipa Bercerita. It could make us contact with the person speaking with the pipe of the same colour. I came in the Oval Building again, but this time shorter. Then, the aquarium. At the end of the aquarium, I saw the dinosaur exhibit.  Then, we came in Planetarium room. I watched a movie. finally, I headed home (No, really, I came back to my uncle's house). But we stopped in the middle of the journey for buying books, and having lunch.

At night, I came to a lampion park. ALL of us wore red clothes. It was fun. I also played Boom Boom Car, Scooter, and Bounce house. I enjoyed all of them.

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