Thursday, April 26, 2012

Question day

The queen butterfly sat on a leaf. The king bee sat on a flower. Princess dragonfly asked them,
"Why do you sat there like that?" She asked in a pure voice.
"We are waiting for prince caterpillar and he is late!" they answered.
"Where is he? Pricetilaisia is waiting for him too". Princess dragonfly told them.
"What is he doing?" asked a bird, who flew down and hungrily licking his lips.
"Run all bugs, by order of the king! Shouted the king bee.
"How? Birds are all around us!" Cried the queen butterfly.
"Fly!" Said princess dragonfly.
So they did. Then, suddenly,
"Who is that?" Said a voice.
"I'M WAITING FOR A SNACK!" The voice added.
It turned out the one who made the voice was prince caterpillar.
"Pricetilaisia found me first". Said the caterpillar.

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