Saturday, May 26, 2012

Grape grower

A skinny man named Edward Jones was a grape cafe keeper. People come from miles around or come again and again and again to eat his grapes because he was the best grape grower there was. One day the king of Spain asked him,
" Edward, may I have a grape cake please?"
"Of course", Edward said. 
In an hour, the cake was done. It was a nice smelling cake that has grape jam,grape cream and grape sprinkles. No fruit but grape. The best tasting, of course. 
Minnie, his daughter, wanted to use some strawberries, but when she asked Edward if they could use some strawberries, he said,
"This is a grape cafe, not a strawberry cafe."

Minnie's mother worked at a stall too. A stall that sold tea and biscuits. Biscuits of all sorts of flavors. Minnie helps over there too. She does biscuits,while her mother gets tea ready. It takes 10 minutes alone, but only 5 minutes together with mommy's other assistants, Poly and Wendy. They wanted another assistant, so they put up a poster saying they want another helper. 1 week with father,the next week with mom. 


Back at the grape cafe, daddy needed a helper too,so they did the same with mom, putting up a poster saying they need a helper and putting that beside mom's poster on the poster pole. A lady named Lulu Lebert joined mom. A man named Michael Mostel, a woman named Poppy Parlos and a man named Carlos Combat joined dad. So Minnie gets to see more people at work. Eventually, Minnie had a day off from work on Saturday and Sunday. Both stalls are closed on Sunday, so they all are together on Sunday. Costello, Minnie's little brother, also did both part time jobs, so they had a lot of a helping hands. Poppy was told to help grow the grapes. Poppy can't grow grapes really, but can grow blueberries and other berries. Now Minnie is getting impatient to get with mom. She was keen to use strawberries and lemons. Mom is going to start selling lemonade on hot days too. Grape, grape, grape and grape is all dad was using. He can cook and bake cakes, but he only used grapes. He is not keen to use fruits other than grape.
There are only grape trees in Edward's garden. Anyway, one day Minnie brought dad to mom's stall for lunch. Dad ordered grape muffins, grape ice-cream and grape smoothie with grape syrup. Mom and Minnie, plus Poly, Wendy, Lulu and Costello made a plan. Minnie will bring Dad to Mom's 

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