Monday, May 5, 2014

My Second Book

After waiting for almost one year (1 YEAR!!!), finally my second anthology book , Guru Tiga Kali, written by me and loads of other people has been published! I'm soooo Happy! I've waited for ages!

My story, Guru Tiga Kali, is the first story in the book and become the book title. I'm so proud; well, it's not something you see everyday, right?

You could buy it at Gramedia  for Rp.37.000. or online at or But hurry before you run out of time, they cut the price to Rp.31.450!

Last year, I joined a KKPK competition with the theme of 'My Teacher and I'. Of course, I made my story in Bahasa Indonesia. I wrote it in quite a long time. I kept edited and edited again, even though I was comfortable already. And Alhamdulillah, I won the first place. The 10 best stories are then published  by Darmizan!

Please give lots of love to my book.

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