Monday, December 30, 2013

Breakfast is Cooked!

Hooray! I managed to cook telur dadar (omelette) and rice, for the very first time, this morning. I've never made one before. All I've tried to do so far was boiled the water, shaped a bread dough, and cracked the eggs. I felt really happy. The result of the eggs was great, but the rice went a bit mushy. I dreaded cracking and flipping the eggs. But it was quite easy when I sliced spring onions. I also liked watching margarine slide around the pan.

By the way, sorry for the delay writing here. First, the computer was broken. Second, my father is too busy, and I can’t use his laptop. Third, the internet was working…BADLY!!! 

I’m now a cook, just like Mother!

For the scrambled egg

What you need:
4 eggs
3 spring onions or scallions
Salt and pepper
Chili, if you want

What you need to do:
  • 1.  Cut the roots off the spring onion.
  • 2.  Peel the dirty bits from the bulb (the white part of the spring onions).
  • 3.   Wash the spring onion under running water.
  • 4.   Slice the spring onion as thinly as you can. If you use chilies, slice those thinly too.  To slice the spring onions (NOT the chilies) easier, cut all the springs in half. Put all the halves together, and start slicing. Thus, you don’t need to slice them one by one!
  • 5. Scoop the spring onion slices (and the chili slices, if you use it) with both your hands into a bowl.
  • 6.  One by one, crack the eggs open in the bowl. This was the bit I was dreading. I cracked it by hitting it lightly onto the edge of the table, and put my thumbs in the crack part of the egg and pull it apart. 
  • 7.   Add some salt and pepper.   Mix it with a fork. 
  • 8.   Pour the oil into a frying pan. I used margarine, I allowed it to slide around.
  • 9.   When the oil bubbles, pour half the egg mixture into the pan. If you want a big and thick telur dadar, pour more than a half or even all of them, but it's hard to flip over!
  • 10.  Wait until the bottom side of the egg is cooked. Flip it so the top side is now cooking. I was dreading this bit too.
  • 11.  When it’s ready, put it in a plate. I removed the pan from the heat and tilted above the plate so I just allow the egg to slide onto the plate.
  • 12.  Repeat step 8 -11 with the rest of the egg mixture.

Phew, I was relieved to get away from the heat! Trust me, it tasted sooo delicious! Because we made it by ourself, it tasted better than ever! Enjoy!

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  1. sampai sekarang tante masih takjub lho Rachel bisa nulis in English so neatly. Tante aja gak bisa hehehee... salam buat Mama Anna ya dear Rachel... Want to meet you and your mama again :) *I'm Vivi's mommy

    1. Hihihi...masih harus banyak belajar kok, Tante, grammarnya masih banyak yang salah ;)



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