Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It was Saturday, the holiday. I spent 3 days at Jogja. I arrived in the evening (because the journey was a bit too long). When I came out, my uncle and auntie were waiting. It was almost night, so I came in and took a bath. Finished taking the bath, I came out the bathroom, put my clothes on, and slept. 

In the morning, I took a bath, had breakfast, and went out to have fun. We went to Taman Pintar, a kind of place. We bought tickets, and came in a big building. I learnt about the presidents of  Indonesia. Then, we came in a bigger building, the oval building. I learnt more in there. But, I was in there for AGES! When we came out, we played some learning games. My favorite was Pipa Bercerita. It could make us contact with the person speaking with the pipe of the same colour. I came in the Oval Building again, but this time shorter. Then, the aquarium. At the end of the aquarium, I saw the dinosaur exhibit.  Then, we came in Planetarium room. I watched a movie. finally, I headed home (No, really, I came back to my uncle's house). But we stopped in the middle of the journey for buying books, and having lunch.

At night, I came to a lampion park. ALL of us wore red clothes. It was fun. I also played Boom Boom Car, Scooter, and Bounce house. I enjoyed all of them.

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  1. Sorry kak Rachel I wrote the comment above using your account...he he...
    What a fun trip...can't wait to read the story of the next day in Jogja :)



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